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Dr. Serban Damian, sports nutritonist

Dear friend,

Thank you for visiting www.doctor.info.ro !

Dr_Serban_Damian_spo_86491.jpgMy name is Serban Damian and I am the owner of this website. I'm 38, medical doctor (family medicine and acupuncture) graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila", Bucharest.

I am a sports nutritionist - specialized in this area by an international program, organized by the International Olympic Committee, led by specialists in nutrition from the most famous universities in the world. I'm the only doctor in Romania, who followed this program.

I work as fitness and nutrition consultant and editor / senior collaborator at the prestigious magazine Men's Health, since it first appearance on the Romanian market.

For a long period (1995-2007), I worked as editor for the magazine "Bodybuilding, Fitness & fight", where I have published numerous articles on issues of bodybuilding, nutrition, fitness, nutritional supplements, medical problems.

In 1999, I got my diploma as fitness trainer, attending the courses organized by the Romanian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness.

In December 2003 I published the volume Stretching, the secret of flexibility. I also translated Harrison. Textbook of medicine, 15th edition.

In 2006 I published volume Superfit. Essential in fitness and bodybuilding, a book which gathers the most important information on nutrition, training (cardio and strength), weight loss, nutritional supplements and doping.

I am therapist with professional training in classical massage (Swedish), shiatsu massage and stretching. I was the manager Corpores Medical Clinic, where I've taught massage courses. Also, I've taught postgraduate courses in shiatsu and assisted stretching at the University of Craiova, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (Department kinetotherapy), techniques that I promoted in the press and at various congresses.

Along the years I've provided consulting for many people, starting with regular people and up to the athletes performance, stars, businessmen. Together with the magazine Men's Health, I have coordinated four editions of a weight loss contest for men (Da jos burta!), completed with the results of the best. Also, I was part of the jury for the second edition of the Poftiti la slabit! at ProTV (a weight loss contest).

In the year 2007 I've founded the Superfit Expert comany, which provide nutritional consulting (decrease / increase in weight, improving sports performance, the recommendation of nutritional supplements) and workouts, for the general public, as well for private companies, performance athletes, sports teams, national and Olympic teams.

In 2007, I also became a partner in the national program for the prevention and treatment of obesity Reductostart and medical consultant for the international company Forever Living, the world leader in production of nutritional supplements based on Aloe Vera.

I am marathon runner - until now I have participated in 11 marathons: Transylvania, Callatis, Athens (2x), Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin, Paris, Budapest, Rome and Stockholm. In 2008 I've founded Ro Club Maraton, the first running club in Romania.

I am open to any cooperation or exchange of ideas with people or associations that have common interests with mine.

Dr. Serban Damian

Articol supervizat de Dr. Serban DAMIAN, nutritionist sportiv, Centrul de nutritie Superfit
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